Autumn 2015


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Project Status – 24 November 2014


For this course we ended up studying the Movember movement, awareness campaign participation and visibility in social media. How do current public awareness campaigns successfully use social media and visible public participation? What are the inducements and dynamics of participating in a social media campaign? What is the praxis of collecting and archiving of culturally relevant data? These are but a few of the questions we want to approach during our project, {MUST+ACHE} 2014.

View the project website at! You can also follow the project on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr!

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Student-Curation, NMC Horizon Report & Misc.

What does a student-curated digital/physical exhibition look like? Museums and the Network 2013 by Seb Chan:

NMC Horizon Report > 2013 Museum Edition

A History of New York in 101 Objects: A Thoughtful Visual Encyclopedia of Collective Memory:

Seattle Art Museum:

The Museum of Everything:

Sydney Living Museums:

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Welcome to the Course!

Hi all,

I have made all the active participants of the Course as Admins for this site. This Site will be the future home of any archive initiatives undertaken by you. I will also post some of my suggestions and plans. As of now, please post ideas here and later on we shall file them under another subcategory in the final archive. You are also free to tinker with the looks, appearance and interface of the site as a team.

We meet on Monday 29.9. The session will be about Interface for Museums and Cultural Heritage.  Pertti Lähteenmäki, Digital Head of EMMA Museum of Modern Art will talk about the initiatives taken at his museum.

Until then, please try to come up with a short text that elaborates your theme for curation. A visual could also help. We could try to have a broad-all-encompassing theme to have all participants of the course to be an active stakeholder in an appropriate role. Not all have to be pioneers and originators, some of us like myself want to be just facilitators.

Best Wishes, Samir

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DOM E-5064: Schedule of Talks

08.09: Introduction

15.09: Digital Curation / Archiving
Guest Speaker: Leslie Kadish, Georgetown University, Washington DC (Skype)

29.09: UI for Museums / Digital Strategies
Guest Speaker: Pertti Lähteenmäki, EMMA Museum of Modern Art

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DOM E-5064: Tasks

September 2014

08.09: Think of a Theme / Ideas for an Archive / Archives
15.09: Think of Curation / What & How to Curate / Tools to Curate
29.09: Think of User Interfaces for an Archive / Paper-Sketch Prototyping

October 2014

06.10: Think of adding Metadata / Linked Metadata
13.10: Think of Graphic Representation
27.10: Think of Community Participation / Sustainability Issues

November 2014

03.11: Think of Linked Metadata / Open Access
10.11: Student Exercises / Building of Archive(s)
17.11: Student Exercises / Building of Archive(s)
24.11: Student Exercises / Building of Archive(s)

Exposition / Exhibition 2015

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DOM E-5064: Recommended Browsing

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DOM E-5064: Bibliography

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